Lindsay Degen


March 6, 2021

Since my Arthur Pants post I made another pair in a deadstock Japanese 6oz (lightweight) denim that I found at Blackbird Fabrics and I might even have one more pair planned (I’ll let you know when I get the fabric). All of these high waisted pants inspired me to knit a sweater that could be SEPTEMBER JACKET


February 16, 2021

Just a short lil post on a quilt I finished but did not start: One day while mindlessly viewing stories on instagram, I came across Grace Rother selling off a quilt top. She would sell this quilt to a randomly selected person from the people who responded. I bought this quilt top which was basted PARTIALLY MADE FLOWER QUILT


February 8, 2021

When I realized that I had ~mAyBe~ just enough fabric left after the plaid Arthur Pants I knew I needed to make a matching top so that I could be head to toe yellow plaid. I roughly laid out the pieces for the Ayora Jacket that I had made once before (with some mods which QUILTED COLLARED JACKET


February 4, 2021

When you are on the fringes of the hand sewing and the making-garments-by-hand sewists communities you may notice trends in IT patterns. For knitting there was Fades, then Brioche, Shawls and Mystery Knit Alongs. While I am newer to the sewist community, I have also noticed some pattern trends. Everyone wants to make the best ARTHUR PANTS


January 23, 2021

If you knit, you are aware of this pattern of the adorable Frog and Toad by Frog and Cast who are the main characters in Arnold Lobel’s famous children’s books. Arnold Lobel wrote these books in 1976 at a time when featuring a same-gender couple was not common in children’s lit. As soon as I FROG AND TOAD